3 Sites for Amazing Architectural Assets

3 Sites for Amazing Architectural Assets

There are so many free 3D model sites now that it can be overwhelming. Trying to find what you need can sometimes take longer than modelling the asset yourself.

  • Which sites do you trust?

  • Where do you go?

  • What format do they use?

When you need an asset that you can’t or don’t want to model yourself speed and reliability are key. To help you in your future quests we've put together a list of '3 Sites for Amazing Architectural Assets.' 

If you’re going to download it for free, check out these guys first:

1. Flying Architecture


Flying Architecture 3D Models

Our favourite, and the first place we look for a quality asset. The accuracy and attention to detail of these models is second to none. They have a fantastic variety of interior and exterior resources. Once you try Flying Architecture’s models you will be signing up for a pro membership to get access to the rest.

Ronen Bekerman Freebies

A brilliant location for high quality 3D models from many different sources and a n excellent Architectural blog in it's own right. The resource section on Ronen Bekerman’s blog is slightly haphazard. But the quality of the assets will have you returning to see what else is available. Again, a great variety of interior and exterior assets as well as some 2D products that prove invaluable in post.

Xfrog Samples

Xfrog’s sample page is a lifesaver for exterior assets. Their tree library, available for free download is extensive. It is great for mocking up scenes that must reference actual places. You can find the correct species of trees and plants to stay true to your client’s planting plan.

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