Eco Architecture

Project Aim:

Provide a set of architectural renderings to include in a Paragraph 55 planning project to successfully obtain planning permission.  

Services Provided:

  • Site Photography

  • 3D Modelling

  • Architectural Visualisation

  • Post Production

Prototyping & Modelling:

We received the model from the architect and applied textures and materials to the file. We were in close contact with the client to exactly match the images to the final weathered style. We then applied careful post production in Photoshop to match the renders to the site images. 

Final Outcomes:

A set of architectural renders to include in the planning proposal. Due to the nature of the Paragraph 55 clause, it was more accurate to use the site photographs as a backplate instead of building an environment, so we can better illustrate the low impact of the structure. 

Zero Carbon House.jpg

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