Speed up your CAD render workflow

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why is it useful?

The deadline is coming up and you’re 3d environment isn’t ready. You still have to place more trees and plants to make it convincing. Your topology doesn’t look right and now the file size is creeping up and up.


Use the simple technique of rendering your asset only. Match the the viewport perspective in your CAD program to a photo. Now you can drop it into the scene using Photoshop. Deadline achieved! See a good workflow for this below. 

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when do you use it?

Using the matching perspective technique can save you a lot of time in a project. Instead of building and rendering a full environment, you can use an image or a combination of images and HDRI’s to create a realistic backdrop. Or on more sensitive projects where the model has to be in a very specific environment to showcase minimal impact. See our project Eco Architecture. 

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sample from our tutorial 'Match Photo Perspective in Rhino & Vray'

See the different software and plugins we use. And a useful starting point to find the photo perspective.

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get image information

Once you have selected the image you want to match the perspective with, right click ‘Properties’ in Windows OR ‘Get Info’ on a Mac to pull up the information window. 

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finish here:

If you found this article interesting download the full tutorial on our resources page to see the whole process. 

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