How do I render with a blackplate in Rhino 3d?


3 different kinds of rendering

  • Environment - using and hdri map or modelled environment to provide surroundings for your scene of asset.

  • Studio - placing an infinity plane and lighting setup for your asset in a white / simple space.

  • Backplate / Wallpaper - using a static image as a reference or background for your asset

viewport properties

You can render with backplates / wallpapers in Rhino 3d using the viewport options. Right click on the viewport indicator. Select the ‘Viewport Properties’ option at the bottom of the list.

Below is an excerpt from our full tutorial 'Matching Photo Perspective in Rhino & Vray' Download the full tutorial here. 

1 Using backplates in rhino 3d.jpg

grid settings

Depending on how the position and size of the grid in your file relates to your model you may want to keep it on or toggle it off. Type ShowGrid = Yes and click until it says No. This will both hide the grid and re-activate.

2 grid command in rhino 3d.jpg

import model

Click the Import option from the File drop down menu and select your model. 

Hopefully it will come in at the correct perspective, but most likely it will need some shuffling and zooming to get the angles right. You can see here the model is set and the SafeFrame plugin is active. 

3 Set perspective in rhino 3d.jpg

finish here:

If you found this article interesting download the full tutorial on our resources page to see the whole process. 

The Zone 2.jpg