3 Things To Consider Before Choosing 3D Assets

Check out the points below to help you choose the right models for your scene:

There are some great benefits to using stock models. For most people it helps with their budget and deadlines. If you don’t have your own furniture or external asset CAD blocks then free samples can be a lifesaver. Downloading free, high quality models can make your scenes look stylish and highlight a great space. It allows you to show the potential of your scene quickly. You can to communicate your vision for the space in less time, be it interior or exterior. 

3D Model Assets

1. Model Accuracy:

Before choosing, try to find out what degree of accuracy the model is created to. This goes both ways, if you are working with a large file that is already intensive on your system, you need models with low impact (low poly). If you are putting together a detail scene you might need something with more accuracy. Not every model will be right for the same situation. 

2. Scale of the File:

You can usually see what units the model is constructed with. Make sure you are aware of what unit of scale your file is using so you avoid any import surprises. Sometimes you import a new model and it is the size of a pinprick, and difficult to find because the scale in the files is different. Or the other way around, suddenly a fire hydrant is bigger than you high rise! 

3. File Formats:

Be aware of which file formats work on your system. There is no point in downloading a .max file if you are working in Rhino for example. OBJ is quite safe for everyone and you can usually download the materials and textures separately. A quick texture re-map or re-materialise later and you are in business. Find out what will work for you and your process will be quicker every time.

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