Rhino Beginners Course


3 Full Days

Who should attend:

This is an ideal course for designers, makers and technicians.


This course is an introduction and includes practical skills in the powerful capabilities of Rhino 3D. It will leave you with the ability to model accurately and professionally.

As dedicated CAD specialists and technicians we will take you through the exciting features of the software paying special attention to the practical application of the commands and the best practices for different processes. We pace the learning speed differently to suite each individual class with time set aside to focus on your particular design practises and needs. 

This course is ideal for those new to CAD and Rhino, as well as for self taught users who are looking to advance their skills.

Date & Time:

Monday 24th April 09:00 - 

Wednesday 26th April 17:00


Falmouth University

Penryn Campus


TR10 9FE

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