Rhino Sweep Rail Cutlery Tutorial

Check out our new Rhino 3D Tutorial as designer JP takes us through his workflow for creating his amazing, elegant cutlery. There are no edits, the video is a raw cut, mistakes and all, so you can see some of the pitfalls you might run into if you are modelling up something similar. JP pushes the sweep rail tool to the limit, finding ways of creating smooth geometry using this simple command. 

Staying Healthy While Running a Business

MESHCANICS x Fitness Wild x Elle Sorridente Studio

When you work for yourself there is no sick pay and no paid holiday. You make your own energy and have to keep yourself fit and healthy to avoid burn out.

For many of us that comes from being outside, away from the office, refreshing mentally and physically, which allows us to sit down and be awesome in front of a laptop.

Our amazing collaboration with Fitness Wild and Elle Sorridente this summer, has helped us find a better balance between working and keeping ourselves from getting literally, bent out of shape.

Thanks everyone for this amazing collab, complete with DSLR’s, gymnastic rings and of course Star Wars T-Shirts.

Photography by Elle Sorridente