CNC Terrain

Project Aim:

Working with designer Nick Bulley we modelled the terrain surrounding Falmouth University and created a 3D accessibility map file for 3D milling of the land and 3D printing of the buildings.

Services Provided:

  • 3D Modelling
  • Rendering
  • CNC Milling
  • 3D Printing

Prototyping & Modelling:

After creating a terrain map using Google's terrain data we were able to use the architects plans for the site to map out the pathways and buildings. We used this data to create a cut file for the CNC machines which could then be exported for milling. 

Final Outcomes:

The CAD file was delivered as an .stl optimised for milling on a CNC router out of resin board. The model was delivered to Falmouth's Compass building as the feature sculpture and resource for reception.