MESHCANICS: Noun, Awesome design Team in Brighton & Cornwall

One of us is an acrobat and the other a mad keen cyclist, we have been friends and designers for over 6 years. 

John is from South India and will always have a soft spot in his heart for a traditional fish curry, with enough chilli to melt your tongue. Ben is from the nomadic tribe of an army family and has lost many a taste bud to John's spicy cuisine. 

But whatever our culinary differences we have several things in common, most notably; design, creativity and CAD skills. For both of us design is about ideas and people, taking that paper napkin sketch, working with the team to make it a reality and then bringing the concepts to life. 


Our studio works on projects of all types and stages. We provide visuals for product designers and interior designers, who may already have completed 3D models, prototypes and layouts, and help architects to visualise and contextualise their creations with digitally rendered images and environments. And we even help start up businesses with developing their first product range.

We help to create the correct files for using different types of prototyping equipment. MESHCANICS has helped create files for milling machines and routers, laser cutters, 3D printers and even injection moulding.

In short, we love design and we love computers. When you put the two together there is a heavenly place called Computer Aided Design (CAD). Our studio uses the CAD software, Rhino 3D (plus many others), for it’s versatility and ability to adapt to any design challenge.

So if you have a design idea, a product that needs to be prototyped, a building that needs to be visualised or even just a crazy awesome concept, get in touch and let’s have a chat.