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Digital Fabrications

Imagine you’re pouring all your time into developing your product or architecture, it’s going to be amazing. When it’s time to present your idea to the planners and clients, you include a series of evocative images and prototypes in your pitch, and you capture their attention. They understand your story and vision completely and see the potential in your project. They give you the go ahead and the projects is a complete SUCCESS!!

everyday we get up in the morning excited to design, create and visualise, it’s at our center

MESHCANICS is a design and visualisation studio. We take sketches and plans from architects and designers and make 3d models, visualisations and prototypes to help them market their projects.

We are not just technicians, we are artists and designers as well. 2D plans and sketches are not always easy to understand so we are here to communicate complex ideas visually to your customers. We get involved in every part of the visualisation process from start to finish, from 3d modelling to post production. We want to get to know you and your project, to fully understand your vision. We want to help you communicate your project to your customer through engaging visuals.

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